How to kill a wizard


Some people need killing. Sometimes it is hard.

“It’s so horrible. He controls her mind. She follows him around like a slave, he dresses her how he wants, uses her for sex, and has her cooking for him. She’s a slave, she doesn’t know me or anyone, and she’s happy about it, because of his magic,” the boy said.

Some people needed killing, Gunnolf had always believed that, still he was a mace-man , a thug for hire. He didn’t kill wizards, he certainly didn’t kill this one, Yolland the grand, head of their little school. At least he had a chance unlike this angry boy and he was pretty sick of his life, it might be his last chance to get the gods to notice him.

“50 gold and if i die trying you pay the Carthian temple for me. I want two bulls sacrificed in my name.”