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Ever think, damn those books would make a great TV show? i think it all the time and to help the studio execs reading this, i am in the process of writing all my book series into scripts. I am writing all my books into scripts but this is what i have done so far.

Vicky vs – Original TV series – 90 page pilot:

Vicky is a backpacker on her three months farm work in country QLD, bad luck for her and the other nine at the farm the spriggan has awoken and reaps nature bloody revenge on them. Think buffy meets evil dead. It’s horror as all of them are picked off one by one, but she triumphs and shows the supernatural the power of a chainsaw and gasoline.

to discuss development please contact.

Free short horror script: The cryonaught – micro budget short film.

This is free to anyone who makes it. Carl has cancer, he is given the option to become the first and only person to undergo cryogen alive. He wakes in a world where the other patients have taken control and they, unlike him have no souls. Download and have a read.