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.99 cent manifesto

I am in a weird spot. i love writing, i like making new worlds, characters and creating real magic systems, but i hate self promo. I don’t want to build a list of people on Goodreads, i don’t like flushing money into amazon ads and wonder why they don’t work.

My brother is a muso, he plays guitar and writes songs, once a year he records them all and does an album, the mission is to make enough $$ that he can record and release the next one. I want this, so i’m going to make you a deal, i will make all my awesome books .99 cents and you will buy them. I need about 300 people per book to give me $300 dollars to pay for covers, a good editor and that’s it.

You’ll have to buy direct off my website but trust me it’s safe.

A buck a book

Back in the dark ages of the 1980’s publishing sucked for writers. Sure they weeded out the bad spelling and vampire porn but they also stopped a lot of good. Back in the old days, you’d buy a paper back for $10 and the author would get a dollar if lucky. Now it’s the same with e-books. it’s mad some e-books are $10, that is a digital book. No print costs.

We’ve all been tricked, i am the artist if i am going to get .99 cents, then i will sell for that. good enough for punk rock, good enough for me. I have a series you can get for $2.97, please do. Also my audio books which rule will be $6, 3 for me and 3 for the narrator.

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